Our Story

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Thank you for dropping by at L’Jute.  

L'Jute is a female-owned business that is committed to protecting the environment. We are proud to provide products that are environmentally sustainable. We are proud to provide quality, ethically made products that do not negatively impact our beloved planet.

We also believe in not taking ourselves too seriously and are never too busy for a pun or three. In all our products, you will find a dash of fun and a good helping of an eye-roll sense of humour.

L’Jute bags are light, made to last and have mushroom for your treasures.

Oh, you want to know about me?

Creative, dynamic, playful and a lover of puns and eye-roll dad jokes, I am Esther Roach, the creator, designer and owner of L’Jute.

With a strong background in marketing, I am all about keeping the customer at the core of the business’ values. I started L’Jute in 2021 to both spread my creative wings, expand my repertoire of terrible puns and create products that have little to no environmental footprint.

When I am not busy with all-things marketing, I’m a passionate foodie, family woman and slave to my toy poodle and cat. I enjoy stuff that smells nice, catching up with friends over meals and long romantic walks to the fridge.